The BIG Professional and LOVEINC. projects give me the opportunity to come out from back stage to meet face-to-face my colleagues around the world.

To share opinions and ideas on the future of our industry. In the hope of connecting with others who share a common goal.


The creation of a global community based on communal objectives and priorities created from love. Love uniting all peoples with the objective to generate responsible and sustainable psychological, philosophical, emotional and spiritual personal and professional ethics.

To raise and uphold our professional standards.

To re-qualify our industry.


Beauty Artists Dedicated To World Peace And Human Happiness.


The spread of love and enlightenment through the manifest of beauty and goodness.


The Beauty Industry; a vocation of LOVE…

This industry of Love is important to the wellbeing of humanity.


The creative, sensitive and impassioned talents of the Cosmetologist are meant to nurture, illuminate and celebrate the unique beauty within

each individual they touch through the transfer of Loving kindness by way of beautifying treatments and procedures.


Commencing within the salon the enlightened professional creates a chain reaction of Love that flows throughout society.


“JAM”, the JOY ANGEL MESSENGERS are professionals motivated by the desire to encourage, sustain and flourish this vital and creative energy force.


The true development of human beings involves much more than mere economic growth.

At its heart there must be a sense of empowerment and inner fulfillment.


People’s participation in social transformation is the central issue of our time...

This can only be achieved through the establishment of societies, which place human worth above power, and liberation above control for the genuine empowerment of people.


Constant exchange and direct contact gives rise to innovation, creativity and trends that will positively influence the world every day.



Conscious joy and love for the world we live in, one self and others.


Stevn Thomas Yankowski


Stevn is an award winning beauty communications specialist coming from a

diversified background as hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer, stylist and graphic artist, with expertise in marketing, R&D, product and brand development.


Celebrating over 25 years of experience in the

professional cosmetics and beauty industries.